General Debate trading for a free stay?

So the question is what is okay to trade for a free night at the hotel. I was talking with my Buddy Cash at Orem Window Washing and he thinks that it is okay to trade window cleaning service with a free hotel stay. I am up in the air about it. I know I am on the conservative side.

I know people in the trade industry trade services with others so no money exchanges hands and the “man” does not take any of the pie. However the question is . . . How do you feel about it?

The Most Memorable Honeymoon

There is nothing as fulfilling as two love birds finally tying the note. Marriage is a symbol of love, unity and trust. Joseph Miller and Mary Miller knew theirs was going to be a perfect one since they met each other in high school and had known each other for 12 years now. What they didn’t know was that their honeymoon was also going to be unforgettable.

Before the events

Mary and Joseph were meant for each other. Their bond was like the story in the bible. Joseph knew from the word go that Mary was the woman he loved and like a normal man would do, he decided to pop that question. The two had the simplest wedding that only comprised of close friends and relatives. The plans to have a unique honeymoon were underway and they decided to have their special week at Utah hotel in the neighboring city.

This was a special location far from the city life and in a cool and serene environment. They wanted a place that would remind them of their high school life. This is why they chose a hotel that was neighboring their former high school.

The departure day

The wedding was a success and everything went as planned. The couple knew the true meaning of love and they got more support than they expected from their friends and family. They had planned to go for their honeymoon the same night after their wedding. They had booked the room and everything was set for the trip. This was truly a gateway trip. Apart from their clothes, they had also carried;

  • Skate boards
  • Sun glasses
  • Skipping ropes
  • Old video game

All these weird stuff they carried were to remind them of the fun they had in their high school life. They finally took the first flight and were glad to finally make their dream honeymoon come true.

At the hotel

They arrived in a bit late since their flight had delayed but found every other thing planned to their expectations. They ordered dinner and requested it brought into their room. Everything was perfect in the room and the setting was more than they had expected. The room service was on point and this was a clear indication that the week was going to be flawless with no interruptions.

The couple played the cool songs from the 90s as they enjoyed the cool breeze at the balcony, sipping their favorite wine they had ordered. Everything seemed normal even though the hotel was full to capacity. All rooms were occupied and their next door neighbor seemed to be having pretty much fun. The couple could hear their neighbor singing along to the songs playing in his room. He sounded a little tipsier. However, the noise was moderate and there was nothing to report about.

Joseph and Mary enjoyed their candle lit dinner set in their room and when they had enough for the night they decided to go and sleep. However, they forgot to lock their door and while they were deep asleep, the old next door neighbor who had too much to drink mistook their room with his and got in.

Joseph and Mary were too tired and dead asleep to feel a third person getting into their bed. And on the other hand, the old man was too drunk to notice he was getting into someone else’s bed. The old man found the bed too warm and cozy and immediately fell asleep.

The night passed peacefully and when the sunlight hit the room and woke Mary Miller up, she screamed and what she described as the worst surprise of her life. Next to her lied an old man who only had his boxers on and smelled like a wines and spirits factory. Joseph immediately got up only to find an old man sleeping next to his wife.

Immediately two staff members and the hotel director dashed into the room to see what caused the mayhem. The whole time the old man was still asleep but was woken by the hotel director. The old man was still not in his senses since he had too much to drink and was recuperating from the hungover. However, the couple later on came to learn that this was the next door neighbor who was singing loud the previous night. This was truly a honeymoon to remember.

The Identical Twins

Sometimes if you want to laugh your lungs out then visit a hotel and let one employee tell you some of the weird things that go on. Hotels receive different people from all over the world and some are just too funny. On this particular day, the joke was on the hotel director. Utah hotel received a guest, someone they considered one of a kind. William had just flown into town and had come to see his identical twin brother who worked at the hotel as a security guard.

Before the events

William had not seen his twin brother James for a year now who had just been employed as a security guard at Utah hotel. The two chatted and agreed to meet up on a Saturday when James was off duty. However, on that particular Saturday when William landed, there were high profile guests who paid a surprise visit at the hotel and got everyone unaware. Well the hotel had to make special arrangements to cater for their high profile guests. This meant that security had to be tightened and rooms made available.

James had to work that day contrary to what he had expected. So he called his brother and explained why he couldn’t meet up with him as planned. However, his brother suggested coming over at the hotel and spending a night there instead of checking into a different hotel. The idea was great and he headed over to the Utah hotel as soon as he landed.

At the hotel

William arrived at the hotel and went straight to the receptionist. The receptionist had a mixed reaction, seeing someone who looked exactly like a colleague but in a dark, sleek Italian suit. He had to explain who he really was because you wouldn’t tell the difference between William and James. They were completely identical. This was definitely going to be an interesting night.

He was lucky to get a room and couldn’t wait to see his brother. They agreed they would meet in the morning when he was off duty so that they could go straight home and have the long awaited chat.

Everything was in order that particular day and the security was tighter than before. William got into his room and went straight into the bathroom for a nice warm bath. They loved the cool breeze that was rushing into the room from the balcony. He decided to sit at the balcony and enjoy the view of this prestigious hotel.

At one point he saw his brother patrolling and only waved but you could see the joy in his eyes of finally seeing his brother even though it was from a distance. However, James had to keep on patrolling the hotel to make sure everything was in order.

That night, the hotel director was not around. He had gone out for a board meeting and wasn’t expected to come back that day. However, knowing that his hotel was hosting high profile guests, he had to come and make sure everything was going on smoothly.

He decided to take a walk around the hotel in every department and confirm everything was fine. He was shocked to see someone on the balcony that looked exactly like his security guard and in a towel smoking a Cuban cigar. So without saying a word, he went straight into William’s room to confirm whether what he had seen was really true.

He opened the room and to his surprise saw someone who looked exactly like his security guard. However, he couldn’t tell the difference and assumed it was James going against the policies of the hotel, having fun especially at that time when the hotel needed him. He was furious and ordered William to meet him in his office.

William knew there had been some confusion since this wasn’t the first time in happened. But instead of causing a scene, he followed the hotel director into his office. They passed the reception and the rest of the staff was smiling since word had already gone out that the hotel had hosted James’ identical twin brother.

The receptionist noticed things were about to boil up in the director’s office and before it was too late, she called James and told him to go to the director’s office to clear the confusion. The director got into his office and William followed. He was so furious and didn’t give William time to explain. Suddenly James walked into the office. I wish you could see the look on the director’s face.

Master-Plan Gone Wrong

At the Utah hotel, a man and his wife booked a room for two but what happened on the check-in day is what left the entire hotel laughing out. Well it all began on one Saturday afternoon when George Smith and his wife Helen Smith wanted to spend their son’s home coming in style. Their son David Smith had just landed from London where he had gone to be part of a youth training seminar.

Booking day

The booking of this luxurious hotel was Helen’s idea from the word go. However, it was clear that George didn’t have enough money to fulfill Helen’s wish but he had to do what his precious wife demanded. He was the type of a man that would do anything to keep his family happy. The hotel issue was just one of the many things he had done to make his wife and son smile.

They spend a whole Saturday afternoon looking for the best amenities they would enjoy from the different hotels in their area. The Utah hotel stood out and there was no doubt that this was going to be their choice. However, the charges the hotel had put out there was way above the budget George had in mind. He only had enough money for a room and a few more bucks to spoil his wife. But now they had to tag their son along.

Since this was not a holiday season, they had a number of free rooms to choose from and they chose one that had a window adjacent to the fence. They then had to get everything ready and wait for the big day the following week. They made sure they had everything packed for the weekend but also had the extra ordinary items including the following:

  • A rope
  • Gloves
  • Hooks
  • A torch
  • A mask

Well this was not a hiking vacation and one would wonder why the couple carried these items. Well they had a plan to include their son in the vacation and they were very sure it would work.

The checking in day

Well that week dragged and the couple had eagerly waited for that day. They were early that day since they wanted to avoid the morning traffic jam. They arrived at the hotel and went straight to the reception. The warm welcome they received was just priceless and Helen knew this was going to be the best vacation ever after their honeymoon. Since they had already paid for everything in advance, they were directly ushered to their room and given the key.

Remember they had booked and paid a room for two but had other plans the hotel management wasn’t aware of. The sun went down and darkness started creeping in. This was not the busiest time of the hotel and the security wasn’t as tight as normal.

David their son was behind the hotel waiting for the signal. They had planned to pull their son up into the room through the window when no one was watching. David was now outside waiting for his parents to toss down the rope and the torch since that side of the hotel was a bit dark. He was all black, covered to the teeth and had a mask on. As they pulled him up, he missed a step and dropped his torch. This caused a startle and alerted the watch guard who was on patrol. He rushed to the window and saw what he thought was a burglar trying to sneak into the hotel room.

He raised the alarm and the entire hotel was in mayhem. The hotel staff were in panic and the room the couple had occupied was now surround. Clueless on what to do, they pulled their son into the room and he quickly dashed into the bathroom and hid there.

The security offices knocked the door and forcefully entered, each one of them taking position and searching the room. They assured George and his wife that everything was going to be fine. Little did they know that the couple was the mastermind of everything that was happening. One security officer followed the footsteps and pulled David out of the bathroom where he was hiding. He tied him up and took out his phone. Helen knew the security officer was going to call the police and so she had to come clean and spill out the entire plan. What a shame.

Judith’s First Day At A Hotel

There are some pretty simple things we consider common but they aren’t as common as we think to some people. Well this is a story of Judith, a middle aged woman who lived with her not so outgoing parents for years.She had now decided to look for employment and get her own life. Well this is a decision you will expect from someone who had always wanted to travel the world to do the crazy things her parents never allowed her to do.

Her first day at work

She was lucky enough to be employed as a cashier in a very busy bakery store far from where she had moved in. This particular day was the busiest day at the store since it was a thanks giving day. Customers were everywhere looking for the best gifts to buy their loved ones. The store had to work until odd hours since they hated disappointing their customers. What a rough first day at work for Judith.

It was now late almost midnight but Judith had to make her way home. The weather too was getting worse, she was headed for a street that was known for all the bad reasons so she decided to stop at Utah hotel—one of the most popular hotels in the city, for the night.

At the hotel

This was the first time Judith ever checked into a hotel, so she wasn’t familiar with what goes on in a hotel. The hotel was not as busy as it normally is during holidays so she was optimistic that she would get a room. She looked shy at first, which was normal for a naive woman who knew nothing but her school from home. She approached the receptionist and asked for a room for the night.

The receptionists assured her that she would get a room of her choice. She was tired and famished so she asked the receptionist whether the restaurant was still open but unfortunately it was late so the restaurant had closed about an hour ago. But the receptionist suggested the room service that was available all night. Judith was glad so she requested for a menu. The receptionist politely gave her the menu then asked her if she would like something from it. The list was full of dishes she had never tried but didn’t want to look like this was her first time in a nice hotel. The receptionist also pointed out the special meal for that day. It sounded sumptuous. The naive Judith smiled as she quickly ordered the special meal.

Just like in the movies, she also requested to have breakfast served to her in bed. The receptionist just smiled. For the breakfast, she ordered a couple of boiled eggs served with hot milk. The receptionist confirmed the order, signed the hotel register then went up to her room for the night.

Judith was amazed at how classic the room looked plus how neat the bed was. This was more than she had expected for a middle class room.She jumped on it like she wanted to do for so long. She was so tires. After having her dinner, she went straight to bed.

The saga

The night passed uneventfully and the next morning she realized something she had not noticed that night. So she picked the telephone on the bedside to call the room service. The same receptionist picked up. She greeted her good morning as the norm of the hotel demanded and asked Judith if she had a peaceful night. She confirmed that indeed the night was calm and added that she liked the food. She agreed that the cauliflower was delicious than any she had eaten before.

the receptionist asked her whether the room was what she had hoped for. She agreed that the finishing was great and the cool breeze from the balcony made her night the best in a long time. However, she was honest enough to say she couldn’t find the exit door.

The receptionist was dumbfounded and couldn’t see how that was possible. Judith then explained that she could see a door that led to the balcony and another one that led to the bathroom. However, there was the other one that had a tag that read “Do not disturb.”

Hotels Funnies

Staying at a hotel is usually an enjoyable experience. You don’t have to be bothered with tidying up after you; if you want anything, it’s available at the press of a button – just call room service! Hotel beds, for some reason, tend to be a lot more comfy and warm than our own. And the best part? You don’t have to make your bed in the morning!

Hotels can also, however, be stage for various strange and/or hilarious incidents to play out. From funny phone calls to wacky requests, hotel staff members have seen it all! Here are some wild experiences that people have had at hotels. These are funny safe for work Utah hotel blogs you would really love to know more about.

  1. You Ask, We Deliver

This one occurred right here in Utah! Sean Fitzsimons, a 28 year old businessman, was a regular visitor of Salt Lake City from Denver. On his weekly travels here, he decided to start a tradition that would spice things up a bit. He started doling out strange, nonsensical requests to hotel staff, some of which are guaranteed to make you collapse in a helpless fit of giggles – and they complied every single time but one!

Here are a few of his wants: A pillow fort, a printed copy of Grandma Winslow from ‘Family Matters’, pictures of ‘a confused-looking Donald Trump’ and ‘a dog dressed as a boat captain’ on his bed.

His moment of crowning glory, however, was when he requested the front desk to draw him a picture of his own likeness – the poor lady looked so weirded out that it became unbearably awkward. Surprisingly, he got this portrait of his too!

You can read the full story as reported by ABC News here:

  1. Haven’t You Any Manners, Young Man?

This is a story as narrated by a young man working at an offshore call centre that makes reservations for a big hotel chains, and is often contacted by guests of the hotel. A very sweet, polite old lady called to ask about local attractions, and our employee connected his customer to a call with his supervisor. Now, the lady began chatting with the young man on this three-way conference with the supervisor on mute. Unfortunately for the supervisor, he had forgotten to mute and proceeded to cough noisily.

The caller, shocked and scandalized at someone eavesdropping this way, proceeded to deliver a stern sermon to the supervisor about the importance of good manners and the bible’s teaching, as his subordinate tried desperately to stifle his laughter.

  1. The Joys Of Salad

As the owner of a Bed and Breakfast describes on AskReddit, he had the pleasure of discovering a journal left behind by a patron detailing their salad fetish in an account of about 60 pages.

  1. Sleeping Beauty

Forgetting hotel keys is a common occurrence – forgetting to wake up before going out, not so much. As reported by Good4Utah, the unfortunate resident in question sleepwalked onto the streets on Manchester, England in the wee hours of the morning and attempted to hail a taxi, stark naked! Your embarrassing childhood stories probably pale in comparison to this one, don’t they?

  1. Watering the Vending Machine

The unfortunate young interim manager at The Days Inn in Grand Forks, ND was the one who had to deal with this mess – both literally and figuratively. On receiving a call from the night desk clerk well past midnight, they were called to confront a guy loitering about a vending machine. When they reached the machine, they saw that the man in question was completely wasted and was peeing on the vending machine. Needless to say, he was thrown out and the manager mopped up the machine. And you thought your job was bad!

  1. Of Cats and Ducklings

Both of these crazy tales about ‘animal lovers’ are from AskReddit.

◦ One guest stored a stash of ducklings in the lodge bathroom, saying their mother had died and that they had to be taken care of.

◦ A crazy cat lady story with a twist – she left the hotel room filled with the felines, along with a $100 tip thanking the hotel for taking care of them till she returned the week after. Unfortunately, she didn’t.

If you prefer the visual medium, here is a clip from the Graham-Norton Show (S16E16) about the best WORST hotel reviews, starring Judy Dench and Dev Patel –

What bizarre and amusing experiences have you had in your hotel stays?