Hotels Funnies

Staying at a hotel is usually an enjoyable experience. You don’t have to be bothered with tidying up after you; if you want anything, it’s available at the press of a button – just call room service! Hotel beds, for some reason, tend to be a lot more comfy and warm than our own. And the best part? You don’t have to make your bed in the morning!

Hotels can also, however, be stage for various strange and/or hilarious incidents to play out. From funny phone calls to wacky requests, hotel staff members have seen it all! Here are some wild experiences that people have had at hotels. These are funny safe for work Utah hotel blogs you would really love to know more about.

  1. You Ask, We Deliver

This one occurred right here in Utah! Sean Fitzsimons, a 28 year old businessman, was a regular visitor of Salt Lake City from Denver. On his weekly travels here, he decided to start a tradition that would spice things up a bit. He started doling out strange, nonsensical requests to hotel staff, some of which are guaranteed to make you collapse in a helpless fit of giggles – and they complied every single time but one!

Here are a few of his wants: A pillow fort, a printed copy of Grandma Winslow from ‘Family Matters’, pictures of ‘a confused-looking Donald Trump’ and ‘a dog dressed as a boat captain’ on his bed.

His moment of crowning glory, however, was when he requested the front desk to draw him a picture of his own likeness – the poor lady looked so weirded out that it became unbearably awkward. Surprisingly, he got this portrait of his too!

You can read the full story as reported by ABC News here:

  1. Haven’t You Any Manners, Young Man?

This is a story as narrated by a young man working at an offshore call centre that makes reservations for a big hotel chains, and is often contacted by guests of the hotel. A very sweet, polite old lady called to ask about local attractions, and our employee connected his customer to a call with his supervisor. Now, the lady began chatting with the young man on this three-way conference with the supervisor on mute. Unfortunately for the supervisor, he had forgotten to mute and proceeded to cough noisily.

The caller, shocked and scandalized at someone eavesdropping this way, proceeded to deliver a stern sermon to the supervisor about the importance of good manners and the bible’s teaching, as his subordinate tried desperately to stifle his laughter.

  1. The Joys Of Salad

As the owner of a Bed and Breakfast describes on AskReddit, he had the pleasure of discovering a journal left behind by a patron detailing their salad fetish in an account of about 60 pages.

  1. Sleeping Beauty

Forgetting hotel keys is a common occurrence – forgetting to wake up before going out, not so much. As reported by Good4Utah, the unfortunate resident in question sleepwalked onto the streets on Manchester, England in the wee hours of the morning and attempted to hail a taxi, stark naked! Your embarrassing childhood stories probably pale in comparison to this one, don’t they?

  1. Watering the Vending Machine

The unfortunate young interim manager at The Days Inn in Grand Forks, ND was the one who had to deal with this mess – both literally and figuratively. On receiving a call from the night desk clerk well past midnight, they were called to confront a guy loitering about a vending machine. When they reached the machine, they saw that the man in question was completely wasted and was peeing on the vending machine. Needless to say, he was thrown out and the manager mopped up the machine. And you thought your job was bad!

  1. Of Cats and Ducklings

Both of these crazy tales about ‘animal lovers’ are from AskReddit.

◦ One guest stored a stash of ducklings in the lodge bathroom, saying their mother had died and that they had to be taken care of.

◦ A crazy cat lady story with a twist – she left the hotel room filled with the felines, along with a $100 tip thanking the hotel for taking care of them till she returned the week after. Unfortunately, she didn’t.

If you prefer the visual medium, here is a clip from the Graham-Norton Show (S16E16) about the best WORST hotel reviews, starring Judy Dench and Dev Patel –

What bizarre and amusing experiences have you had in your hotel stays?