Judith’s First Day At A Hotel

There are some pretty simple things we consider common but they aren’t as common as we think to some people. Well this is a story of Judith, a middle aged woman who lived with her not so outgoing parents for years.She had now decided to look for employment and get her own life. Well this is a decision you will expect from someone who had always wanted to travel the world to do the crazy things her parents never allowed her to do.

Her first day at work

She was lucky enough to be employed as a cashier in a very busy bakery store far from where she had moved in. This particular day was the busiest day at the store since it was a thanks giving day. Customers were everywhere looking for the best gifts to buy their loved ones. The store had to work until odd hours since they hated disappointing their customers. What a rough first day at work for Judith.

It was now late almost midnight but Judith had to make her way home. The weather too was getting worse, she was headed for a street that was known for all the bad reasons so she decided to stop at Utah hotel—one of the most popular hotels in the city, for the night.

At the hotel

This was the first time Judith ever checked into a hotel, so she wasn’t familiar with what goes on in a hotel. The hotel was not as busy as it normally is during holidays so she was optimistic that she would get a room. She looked shy at first, which was normal for a naive woman who knew nothing but her school from home. She approached the receptionist and asked for a room for the night.

The receptionists assured her that she would get a room of her choice. She was tired and famished so she asked the receptionist whether the restaurant was still open but unfortunately it was late so the restaurant had closed about an hour ago. But the receptionist suggested the room service that was available all night. Judith was glad so she requested for a menu. The receptionist politely gave her the menu then asked her if she would like something from it. The list was full of dishes she had never tried but didn’t want to look like this was her first time in a nice hotel. The receptionist also pointed out the special meal for that day. It sounded sumptuous. The naive Judith smiled as she quickly ordered the special meal.

Just like in the movies, she also requested to have breakfast served to her in bed. The receptionist just smiled. For the breakfast, she ordered a couple of boiled eggs served with hot milk. The receptionist confirmed the order, signed the hotel register then went up to her room for the night.

Judith was amazed at how classic the room looked plus how neat the bed was. This was more than she had expected for a middle class room.She jumped on it like she wanted to do for so long. She was so tires. After having her dinner, she went straight to bed.

The saga

The night passed uneventfully and the next morning she realized something she had not noticed that night. So she picked the telephone on the bedside to call the room service. The same receptionist picked up. She greeted her good morning as the norm of the hotel demanded and asked Judith if she had a peaceful night. She confirmed that indeed the night was calm and added that she liked the food. She agreed that the cauliflower was delicious than any she had eaten before.

the receptionist asked her whether the room was what she had hoped for. She agreed that the finishing was great and the cool breeze from the balcony made her night the best in a long time. However, she was honest enough to say she couldn’t find the exit door.

The receptionist was dumbfounded and couldn’t see how that was possible. Judith then explained that she could see a door that led to the balcony and another one that led to the bathroom. However, there was the other one that had a tag that read “Do not disturb.”