Master-Plan Gone Wrong

At the Utah hotel, a man and his wife booked a room for two but what happened on the check-in day is what left the entire hotel laughing out. Well it all began on one Saturday afternoon when George Smith and his wife Helen Smith wanted to spend their son’s home coming in style. Their son David Smith had just landed from London where he had gone to be part of a youth training seminar.

Booking day

The booking of this luxurious hotel was Helen’s idea from the word go. However, it was clear that George didn’t have enough money to fulfill Helen’s wish but he had to do what his precious wife demanded. He was the type of a man that would do anything to keep his family happy. The hotel issue was just one of the many things he had done to make his wife and son smile.

They spend a whole Saturday afternoon looking for the best amenities they would enjoy from the different hotels in their area. The Utah hotel stood out and there was no doubt that this was going to be their choice. However, the charges the hotel had put out there was way above the budget George had in mind. He only had enough money for a room and a few more bucks to spoil his wife. But now they had to tag their son along.

Since this was not a holiday season, they had a number of free rooms to choose from and they chose one that had a window adjacent to the fence. They then had to get everything ready and wait for the big day the following week. They made sure they had everything packed for the weekend but also had the extra ordinary items including the following:

  • A rope
  • Gloves
  • Hooks
  • A torch
  • A mask

Well this was not a hiking vacation and one would wonder why the couple carried these items. Well they had a plan to include their son in the vacation and they were very sure it would work.

The checking in day

Well that week dragged and the couple had eagerly waited for that day. They were early that day since they wanted to avoid the morning traffic jam. They arrived at the hotel and went straight to the reception. The warm welcome they received was just priceless and Helen knew this was going to be the best vacation ever after their honeymoon. Since they had already paid for everything in advance, they were directly ushered to their room and given the key.

Remember they had booked and paid a room for two but had other plans the hotel management wasn’t aware of. The sun went down and darkness started creeping in. This was not the busiest time of the hotel and the security wasn’t as tight as normal.

David their son was behind the hotel waiting for the signal. They had planned to pull their son up into the room through the window when no one was watching. David was now outside waiting for his parents to toss down the rope and the torch since that side of the hotel was a bit dark. He was all black, covered to the teeth and had a mask on. As they pulled him up, he missed a step and dropped his torch. This caused a startle and alerted the watch guard who was on patrol. He rushed to the window and saw what he thought was a burglar trying to sneak into the hotel room.

He raised the alarm and the entire hotel was in mayhem. The hotel staff were in panic and the room the couple had occupied was now surround. Clueless on what to do, they pulled their son into the room and he quickly dashed into the bathroom and hid there.

The security offices knocked the door and forcefully entered, each one of them taking position and searching the room. They assured George and his wife that everything was going to be fine. Little did they know that the couple was the mastermind of everything that was happening. One security officer followed the footsteps and pulled David out of the bathroom where he was hiding. He tied him up and took out his phone. Helen knew the security officer was going to call the police and so she had to come clean and spill out the entire plan. What a shame.