The Identical Twins

Sometimes if you want to laugh your lungs out then visit a hotel and let one employee tell you some of the weird things that go on. Hotels receive different people from all over the world and some are just too funny. On this particular day, the joke was on the hotel director. Utah hotel received a guest, someone they considered one of a kind. William had just flown into town and had come to see his identical twin brother who worked at the hotel as a security guard.

Before the events

William had not seen his twin brother James for a year now who had just been employed as a security guard at Utah hotel. The two chatted and agreed to meet up on a Saturday when James was off duty. However, on that particular Saturday when William landed, there were high profile guests who paid a surprise visit at the hotel and got everyone unaware. Well the hotel had to make special arrangements to cater for their high profile guests. This meant that security had to be tightened and rooms made available.

James had to work that day contrary to what he had expected. So he called his brother and explained why he couldn’t meet up with him as planned. However, his brother suggested coming over at the hotel and spending a night there instead of checking into a different hotel. The idea was great and he headed over to the Utah hotel as soon as he landed.

At the hotel

William arrived at the hotel and went straight to the receptionist. The receptionist had a mixed reaction, seeing someone who looked exactly like a colleague but in a dark, sleek Italian suit. He had to explain who he really was because you wouldn’t tell the difference between William and James. They were completely identical. This was definitely going to be an interesting night.

He was lucky to get a room and couldn’t wait to see his brother. They agreed they would meet in the morning when he was off duty so that they could go straight home and have the long awaited chat.

Everything was in order that particular day and the security was tighter than before. William got into his room and went straight into the bathroom for a nice warm bath. They loved the cool breeze that was rushing into the room from the balcony. He decided to sit at the balcony and enjoy the view of this prestigious hotel.

At one point he saw his brother patrolling and only waved but you could see the joy in his eyes of finally seeing his brother even though it was from a distance. However, James had to keep on patrolling the hotel to make sure everything was in order.

That night, the hotel director was not around. He had gone out for a board meeting and wasn’t expected to come back that day. However, knowing that his hotel was hosting high profile guests, he had to come and make sure everything was going on smoothly.

He decided to take a walk around the hotel in every department and confirm everything was fine. He was shocked to see someone on the balcony that looked exactly like his security guard and in a towel smoking a Cuban cigar. So without saying a word, he went straight into William’s room to confirm whether what he had seen was really true.

He opened the room and to his surprise saw someone who looked exactly like his security guard. However, he couldn’t tell the difference and assumed it was James going against the policies of the hotel, having fun especially at that time when the hotel needed him. He was furious and ordered William to meet him in his office.

William knew there had been some confusion since this wasn’t the first time in happened. But instead of causing a scene, he followed the hotel director into his office. They passed the reception and the rest of the staff was smiling since word had already gone out that the hotel had hosted James’ identical twin brother.

The receptionist noticed things were about to boil up in the director’s office and before it was too late, she called James and told him to go to the director’s office to clear the confusion. The director got into his office and William followed. He was so furious and didn’t give William time to explain. Suddenly James walked into the office. I wish you could see the look on the director’s face.