The Most Memorable Honeymoon

There is nothing as fulfilling as two love birds finally tying the note. Marriage is a symbol of love, unity and trust. Joseph Miller and Mary Miller knew theirs was going to be a perfect one since they met each other in high school and had known each other for 12 years now. What they didn’t know was that their honeymoon was also going to be unforgettable.

Before the events

Mary and Joseph were meant for each other. Their bond was like the story in the bible. Joseph knew from the word go that Mary was the woman he loved and like a normal man would do, he decided to pop that question. The two had the simplest wedding that only comprised of close friends and relatives. The plans to have a unique honeymoon were underway and they decided to have their special week at Utah hotel in the neighboring city.

This was a special location far from the city life and in a cool and serene environment. They wanted a place that would remind them of their high school life. This is why they chose a hotel that was neighboring their former high school.

The departure day

The wedding was a success and everything went as planned. The couple knew the true meaning of love and they got more support than they expected from their friends and family. They had planned to go for their honeymoon the same night after their wedding. They had booked the room and everything was set for the trip. This was truly a gateway trip. Apart from their clothes, they had also carried;

  • Skate boards
  • Sun glasses
  • Skipping ropes
  • Old video game

All these weird stuff they carried were to remind them of the fun they had in their high school life. They finally took the first flight and were glad to finally make their dream honeymoon come true.

At the hotel

They arrived in a bit late since their flight had delayed but found every other thing planned to their expectations. They ordered dinner and requested it brought into their room. Everything was perfect in the room and the setting was more than they had expected. The room service was on point and this was a clear indication that the week was going to be flawless with no interruptions.

The couple played the cool songs from the 90s as they enjoyed the cool breeze at the balcony, sipping their favorite wine they had ordered. Everything seemed normal even though the hotel was full to capacity. All rooms were occupied and their next door neighbor seemed to be having pretty much fun. The couple could hear their neighbor singing along to the songs playing in his room. He sounded a little tipsier. However, the noise was moderate and there was nothing to report about.

Joseph and Mary enjoyed their candle lit dinner set in their room and when they had enough for the night they decided to go and sleep. However, they forgot to lock their door and while they were deep asleep, the old next door neighbor who had too much to drink mistook their room with his and got in.

Joseph and Mary were too tired and dead asleep to feel a third person getting into their bed. And on the other hand, the old man was too drunk to notice he was getting into someone else’s bed. The old man found the bed too warm and cozy and immediately fell asleep.

The night passed peacefully and when the sunlight hit the room and woke Mary Miller up, she screamed and what she described as the worst surprise of her life. Next to her lied an old man who only had his boxers on and smelled like a wines and spirits factory. Joseph immediately got up only to find an old man sleeping next to his wife.

Immediately two staff members and the hotel director dashed into the room to see what caused the mayhem. The whole time the old man was still asleep but was woken by the hotel director. The old man was still not in his senses since he had too much to drink and was recuperating from the hungover. However, the couple later on came to learn that this was the next door neighbor who was singing loud the previous night. This was truly a honeymoon to remember.